Be In Flow

with Gypsy Bast

Gypsy Bast


Gypsy’s teachings are intelligently physical, emotional and spiritual. Over her career, she joyfully shares and coaches people how to increase their vitality to overcome injuries and pain. Gypsy inspires by cultivating self-care, love, awareness, and pleasure practices. She guides her students through their blocks or traumas, and helps them awaken inner strength. 

Ideal for anyone wanting to access their healthiest states of being. 




Learn how to flow in graceful movement as we explore energy through a soulful asana practice. This workshop offers a heart-opening journey through bodywork, breath work, and meditation. Discover how to link flows together with alignment awareness from dance and traditional yogic principles. Cultivate a sense of presence and trust in your practice, as we embody the feelings of "going with, and trusting the flow". 



Get Moving

Friday 8th November 10 am - 11.30 am

This practice is designed to awaken and enliven your physical and mental body! Energize and empower yourself in this Dynamic Yoga, dance, Chi-flow and Moving meditation workshop.


Workshop Highlights:

Analysis of your walk, gait, and fluidity in motion

Activate the Nadis and central Chi Channels

Dynamic Yoga Flow 

Core Strength 

Dance and Inspire 


Get Breathing

Friday 8th November 12:45 pm - 2:15 pm

We enter the world with our 1st breath, and never stop until we leave the world with our last. Why not become a Master of knowing your own breath? Our respiratory system is our regulator for all the vitality of our organs and central nervous system functions. Controlled breath can help you de-stress, refocus and improve your overall well being.


Witness your breath as Your Anchor, Your Friend, and Your True Pulse

Deep breathing in your body - "Four Part Harmony"

Diaphragm Discovery, Expand and Soften

Energizing, Circulating and Visualizing

Bija Mantra chanting


Get Blissful

Saturday 9th November 12:45 pm - 2:15 pm

Learn Somatic Movement Meditations to relax and restore your system. We will explore soft, gentle movements that help our cellular memories release tension and trauma, and each person will have the chance to address their needs with the work presented and given. If you've ever been shy about going deep and being present to heal, this is a safe and super workshop for you. Before and after tests will be given so you can measure your progress.


Heart, Hip and Head Openers

Self Care, Massage, Touch

Loving Gratitude for what is

Moving from Head to Heart

Invoking the Divine within




Tuning In-Feminine Flow (ladies only)

Sunday 10th November 10 am - 12 pm

Our inhale provides life and oxygenates every cell. Touch opens our senses, our hearts, our souls, and develops a safe environment with ourselves and others. When we dance, our bodies vibrate to higher frequencies and supply feelings of oxytocin. In this workshop, we will explore our senses of breath, touch, and movement using dance flow and yoga asana in stillness. The invitation here is to tune in and connect with your sensuality without limitation or comparison. Gypsy inspires you to be the intimate woman you truly are... with kindness, compassion, and gratitude for living.

Balancing with the feminine 

Gypsy is fantastic for getting you into your archetypal feminine energy. The art of surrender is the key to powerful yoga by learning how to flow, be receptive, and surrender. In our busy, modern lives, most of us live from our "masculine." We do more, stay active and driven in order to achieve. We forget that learning to open, attract and receive can be as powerful for getting things done. Both sexes can tap into the state of learning how to receive, and how to be. 

Pelvic Power

Toning the pelvic floor, brings more conscious awareness to our central spinal nervous system. This practice will lubricate the hips and the heart: both crucial tools for day-to-day living. Use both as tools to breakthrough to a state of organic bliss.

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