ActionHiro Weekend


6th - 8th February 2020

Hiro Landazuri is visiting Doha on the first weekend of February. Join him for strength and mobility building flows and workshops which will help you in your balancing poses, inversions, backbends and overall functional movements.

Hiro started practising yoga in 2002 while learning various styles of asana practice. With a history of various movement modalities, from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to numerous team-based sports. He studied Biochemistry in university and went on to a graduate medical program in medical pharmacology and cardiopulmonary perfusion. After numerous injuries, some during the yoga practice and some outside, Hiro began to pursue a perspective to his love of the yoga practice that would minimize and heal injury along with developing functional strength and flexibility. After seeing tremendous transformations in his own practice and overall health, he applied those same principles to his students.

Now Hiro is sharing his unique approach worldwide. Starting from introducing knowledge of the physiology of the human body, using the knowledge in various movement patterns and then applying it to a dynamic yoga practice, so that the practitioner is no longer modifying around injury but understanding steps towards healing, and how to expand the practice from a better understanding of anatomy for those looking to advance in their practice and teaching.



Functional Flow

Mobility Infused Vinyasa

6.30 PM - 9.00 PM  Thursday 6th February

Remember what it felt like when we were beginning our yoga journey? The soreness yes, but also a freedom in our bodies that we were not used to, a lightness in our step, the glow in our being. The movements, the shapes, were new to our bodies and the shapes served in increasing the range of function in our bodies. If we are honest, there are a lot of poses that are relatively comfortable for us now. So how can we increase our focus, our range of function, so that we can keep moving towards a better functioning self?

This master class incorporates different mobility exercises within familiar poses. We will introduce different transitions that shift the mental focus from fitting into a shape to making the shape serve a greater functionality in our bodies. The goal is to bring us closer towards the freedom we seek within.


Intelligent Inversions

Inversion Workshop

9.00 AM - 11.30 AM  Friday 7th February

Do you have that one pair of yoga pants that is your “handstand yoga pants?” The pants where every time you put them on, you feel stronger and more confident getting upside down? Don’t leave your practice up to chance! Ditch the pants and come to this class. Experience what it’s like to fly consistently and confidently in this challenging yet light-hearted workshop. We will break down the elements of inversions as well as explore unique exercises towards helping you access the power already inside of you. Allow yourself to encounter your practice in an elevated way and feel confident in seeing the world from a new perspective, with or without your handstand pants on!


Find Strength in Balance

Arm Balance Workshop

1.00 PM - 3.30 PM  Friday 7th February

When you envision the strongest version of yourself, what do you see? Often, we associate physical strength with aggression and in seeking strength, we draw power from aggression. It is important that on our journey of self-discovery, we find our strength and power from a place of self-love and compassion. We will cultivate the harmony of grace and power in our arm balances through deeper body awareness. Learning the tools in this workshop are a mirror for finding the strength in balance off of our mats.




Too LEGit to Quit

Legs and Hips Workshop

9.00 AM - 11.30 AM  Saturday 8th February

It’s Hammer time! This workshop focuses on building strength and mobility in everything below the belt. Learn how to strengthen, lengthen and coordinate these muscles while exploring targeted, unique exercises to rapidly progress in your practice: everything from smarter hips to one-legged balances. Be prepared to break away from your typical asanas and experience some new dynamic movements that will help you build depth and stability in your practice. Gain full control of your legs to crush it on the dance floor, and to let everyone else know that they “Can’t Touch This.”

Bend the Spoon

Backbend Vinyasa

1.00 PM - 3.30 PM  Saturday 8th February

We all want to give and receive love, but what we really want is to be loved for who we authentically are. When our hearts are closed, we don’t express our full self and therefore, we limit what we allow into our lives: we limit our careers, our relationships, and our love that we want to spread and share. We will reconnect with ourselves and our authenticity through opening our hearts in a flow that revolves around backbends. As we open up the frontline of our body, we will embrace the power of vulnerability in our heart. As we flow through these asanas and open up, we will create a path that explores backbends in a liberating way to speak into the limitless possibilities in all areas of our lives.

Price: Individual workshop:  250 QR

Bundle of five workshops:  1150 QR

Early Bird until 11th Jan:    1000 QR

Book your space through reception at Niya Yoga - The Pearl

or purchase the pack of 5 workshops on the OX Fitness App



Pranayama Workshop - Science of Breath

Are you interested in learning the fundamentals of proper breathing? Do you want to feel more energetic, mentally strong and focused? Are you ready to take your yoga practice to the next level and get familiar with the applications of the internal energy locks (bandhas) during asanas and breath retention?

If your answer is 'Yes' then this 3 weeks pranayama (yogic breathing) course is for you! Pranayama is an ancient yogic science that uses the breath to calm the rapid fluctuations of the mind and balance the flow of energy in the body. It promotes detoxification, removes blockages, brings clarity of mind and heightens one's energy levels. This workshop will provide you with all the techniques and practical instructions that you need for a well-rounded pranayama practice.

In this course, you will:

 - Learn the anatomy of breathing and 6 basic pranayama techniques

 - Understand the mechanics and energetics of pranayama

 - Explore the connection between the breath and peace of mind

 - Learn how to work with bandhas to maximise the effect of your pranayama, asana and meditation practices

The course is open to all, no pranayama experience is necessary, however previous regular yoga practice is recommended.

Saturdays - 15th, 22nd and 29th February at 4.00 PM to 6.00 PM

Price: 600 QR 

MyoYin Workshop

We put our bodies through a lot of stress with our daily habits - sitting at a computer, craning our necks to look at our phones, or even overdoing it with chaturangas and weights. Our emotions, like grieving or heartbreak, also take their toll on us. All of this can leave us fatigued and in need of mental and physical release. 
Join Aymara Baquero for a two-module workshop that combines two powerful fascial (connective tissue) manipulation techniques: Myofascial Release (MFR) and Yin Yoga. This workshop offers a practical self-care approach to maintaining health, improving range of motion, and eliminating pain from our bodies. This workshop is designed for yoga practitioners and non-practitioners, as well as general fitness enthusiasts. This could be the practice you didn’t know your body needs!
This Workshop is divided in two modules, which can be registered as Continued Professional Education (CPD) hours
Module 1 covers (4hrs):
-    Fascial Theory Pt. 1 
-    Fascial Bouncing Sequence 
-    Ball Therapy Techniques (tennis balls) for Hips and Lower Back 
-    Yin Yoga Theory and Practice 
-    Yin Yoga Postures for Hips and Lower Back
-    1.5 hours of practice 
Module 2 covers (4hrs)
-    Fascial Theory Pt. 2
-    Fascial Facial Sequence
-    Ball Therapy Techniques (tennis balls)) for Neck, Shoulder and Upper Back
-    Yin Yoga Theory and Practice 
-    Yin Yoga Postures for Neck, Shoulder and Upper Back
-    1.5 hours of practice

Date & Time:  10 AM - 2 PM  on Fridays  10th and  17th April

Price: 500 QR for individual workshop or 900 QR for both workshops

Yoga Workshops with Devi Mohan

Devi Mohan

Devi Mohan is a multifaceted, compassionate philanthropist, a spiritual diplomat, servant of yoga and instrument of healing. Devi is the official Global Ambassador of Mohanji Foundation, present in more than 80 countries and dedicated to adding value to society.

Conscious Dancing is a highly effective meditation through a free, unstructured dance. As a powerful technique of balancing the chakras, Conscious Dancing awakens the vertical dimension of being as one dances fully focused within. The result is pure bliss and lightness that lasts for hours after Conscious Dancing. In Conscious Dancing, the feeling and the intention with which we move the body is crucial – while surrendering to the music, allowing the energy to guide us from within, a profound inner alignment takes place as we strengthen and balance each chakra, one by one.

The Bliss of Silence Meditation has a profound effect of stillness and inner feeling of expansion in consciousness, in gratitude and bliss especially if practiced after Conscious Dancing. This meditation is suitable for everyone regardless of their cultural or religion. Through this practice one enters into a zone which is totally empty, where there are no things - no thoughts. The Bliss of Silence meditation connects us to the Divine within, offering a transformative glimpse into our true identity, beyond the limitations of the ego.

Anahata-focused Yoga session & the Power of Purity Meditation 

This yoga session is in line with the program of Himalayan School of Traditional Yoga (HSTY) and includes specially selected Yoga asanas and pranayama which will give a direct, palpable experience of the Heart chakra activation. The meditation is filled with immense Grace, transcending words and methods. It has a powerful effect of cleansing and opening the heart. A loving warm energy flows throughout this meditation as the process of emotional unhooking from pain from the past reduces the unnecessary inner luggage that one carries. It starts by making the mind busy with the process of blessing others until one reaches a point of a true inner alchemy through purest love.



Sacral Chakra Flow and Yoga Nidra


During this carefully selected Yoga sequence in line with the program of Himalayan School of Traditional Yoga, the focus is given to the pelvic region. Stretching of the psoas muscle, hip flexors, gluteus and other muscles in the pelvic region, touch the ‘deep waters’ within and support a profound, deep inner cleansing in the area of the second chakra, the door to the subconscious mind. Some practitioners may feel like releasing towards the end of this yoga session, followed by a 15 min version of Yoga Nidra. 

Awakening Yoga Nidra

Awakening Yoga Nidra is based on the ancient method of effective, progressive relaxation called Yoga Nidra (self-induced, conscious yogic sleep), a beautiful method of balancing and activating both sides of the brain, strengthening the inner witness and speeding up the process of spiritual awakening. What emerges from the unconscious mind during the process is exactly that what one is ready to face, integrate and absorb at that time. This is not a hypnotic state, as one is partially aware while lying in Shavasana, following the guidance provided, but a profound and vivid inner journey is experienced through the inner senses in a deeply relaxed state. Through this method of conscious sleep, one gets empowered to face any challenge of life in the waking state of mind more effectively.

Conscious Dancing 5.30 PM - 8.30 PM  Friday 14th February  Price: 300 QR

Heart Chakra Opening + Purity Meditation    8.30 AM - 11.30 AM   Saturday 15th  Feb

Sacral Chakra Flow + Yoga Nidra    12.30 PM - 3.30 PM   Saturday  15th February

Price: 300 QR each or 500 QR both workshops on Saturday