Pranayama Workshop - Science of Breath

Are you interested in learning the fundamentals of proper breathing? Do you want to feel more energetic, mentally strong and focused? Are you ready to take your yoga practice to the next level and get familiar with the applications of the internal energy locks (bandhas) during asanas and breath retention?

If your answer is 'Yes' then this 3 weeks pranayama (yogic breathing) course is for you! Pranayama is an ancient yogic science that uses the breath to calm the rapid fluctuations of the mind and balance the flow of energy in the body. It promotes detoxification, removes blockages, brings clarity of mind and heightens one's energy levels. This workshop will provide you with all the techniques and practical instructions that you need for a well-rounded pranayama practice.

In this course, you will:

 - Learn the anatomy of breathing and 6 basic pranayama techniques

 - Understand the mechanics and energetics of pranayama

 - Explore the connection between the breath and peace of mind

 - Learn how to work with bandhas to maximise the effect of your pranayama, asana and meditation practices

The course is open to all, no pranayama experience is necessary, however previous regular yoga practice is recommended.

Saturdays - 15th, 22nd and 29th February at 4.00 PM to 6.00 PM

Price: 600 QR 

MyoYin Workshop - ladies only


We put our bodies through a lot of stress with our daily habits - sitting at a computer, craning our necks to look at our phones, or even overdoing it with chaturangas and weights. Our emotions, like grieving or heartbreak, also take their toll on us. All of this can leave us fatigued and in need of mental and physical release. 
Join Aymara Baquero for a two-module workshop that combines two powerful fascial (connective tissue) manipulation techniques: Myofascial Release (MFR) and Yin Yoga. This workshop offers a practical self-care approach to maintaining health, improving range of motion, and eliminating pain from our bodies. This workshop is designed for yoga practitioners and non-practitioners, as well as general fitness enthusiasts. This could be the practice you didn’t know your body needs!
This Workshop is divided in two modules, which can be registered as Continued Professional Education (CPD) hours
Module 1 covers (4hrs):
-    Fascial Theory Pt. 1 
-    Fascial Bouncing Sequence 
-    Ball Therapy Techniques (tennis balls) for Hips and Lower Back 
-    Yin Yoga Theory and Practice 
-    Yin Yoga Postures for Hips and Lower Back
-    1.5 hours of practice 
Module 2 covers (4hrs)
-    Fascial Theory Pt. 2
-    Fascial Facial Sequence
-    Ball Therapy Techniques (tennis balls)) for Neck, Shoulder and Upper Back
-    Yin Yoga Theory and Practice 
-    Yin Yoga Postures for Neck, Shoulder and Upper Back
-    1.5 hours of practice

Date & Time:  10 AM - 2 PM  on Fridays  10th and  17th April

Price: 500 QR for individual workshop or 900 QR for both workshops